Cabecera Alauna Arquitectos



Alauna Arquitectos is the result of a team of professionals dedicated primarily to architectural projects with their own character.
We carry out our activity both in Valencia and in our main headquarters in Denia, which integrates in its more than 3,000 m2: architecture studio, showroom, furniture exhibition and art gallery. Since 1939, the last name Cabrera has been associated with constant renewal and represents an Architecture & Interior Design studio that shares space and works together.

After 20 years designing and carrying out projects both nationally and internationally from our studio located in Dénia, the time has come to take an important leap in our career and expand all our experience by opening a new architecture studio in Valencia. The choice of this new personal project has not been random. The two premises that occupy the new studio are located next to the Bancaja foundation in the Plaza de Tetuán, a place related to art and where sculptures predominate in the street. Our intention was to enter Valencia from the rehabilitation, creating a typical Valencian space, completely different from the one we have in Dénia with a contemporary style, and we have fulfilled this desire in a historic property that is about 140 years old.